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Hi I’m Debby !

I'm a full time corporate girl who believes that success goes beyond the scope of your profession. If there's two things we'll always need in this world it's innovative business solutions and strategic direction.

If you're passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership you’ll fit right at home here!

Well… if you don’t mind a splash of lifestyle, you’ll love it even more.



My last name is Salami; yes like the meat. That will be changing soon, being that I'm engaged to the love of my life! I'm 26 years old, Christian, Nigerian-American, and devoted to family. To date - I've spent a total of nine months working from home, but the extrovert in me is dying to get back to what I once knew to be "normal." I grew up in Massachusetts where I've been blessed with the best education and career opportunities in professional services, accounting, and the real estate industry.

In May, I started my own book club! It's open to anyone looking for a safe space to cultivate healthy reading habits, while connecting with others who have similar reading interests. You should join! I could go on forever, but there'll be future blog posts where I'll share more about myself.



You are important to our economy and society. Now is your chance to master what is required and step into roles you never thought were attainable. I'll cover topics from building your personal brand, business launching, strategic planning, to identifying the best talent for teams. Basically anything that falls along the spectrum of entrepreneurship and leadership.

I'm devoted to developing content that stimulates your thinking and points you to directions that yield profitability. You'll soon realize you have transferable skills that remain relevant in your personal, professional, and business life.



You have the power to change your standard of life. The legacy you leave behind is in your control. Get the information and resources, then put it to good use. I'm here to share thoughts, tips, and tricks. Learning what it takes to be successful does not have to be boring [If it ever begins to feel unexciting and/or unstimulating, let me know!]. Commit to yourself because you deserve financial freedom and financial flexibility.

We all do.

If you made it this far, you're the real MVP! Be on the look out for the next post.




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