Don't be a Grinch - Reflect, Recognize, and Disconnect!

Every year when the holidays come around, we tend to focus most of our attention on the gifts and festivities. Holiday season goes beyond that because it's also the best time to reflect, disconnect, and refresh. Your business survived a pandemic and you need to admire that.

Don't be the grinch who kills the holiday spirit and cheer because of a few hiccups. Business culture starts with you; remember that whenever you notice your team morale sinking like a stone. Acknowledge your teams' hard work this past year and encourage them to take time off to spend with their friends and family during the holidays.


Successful leaders take time to reflect on themselves and their business. The holidays are an opportunity to do just that. Think about your business practices, habits, operations flow, and what areas need improvement. Reflect on the business goals you were not able to achieve and how you can tackle them in the new year. As you reflect on your wins and loses from 2020, recognize that you didn't get through it alone.


Recognition is important because it reminds your team that the roles they play is essential to your business success. How you recognize their tireless efforts can come in the form of gifts, notes, kind gestures, and more. Be specific when mentioning the reasons why you appreciate their hard work and contribution to this year's accomplishments.

As you recognize your team and their ability find evolving solutions in the face of a global pandemic, don't overlook the importance of rest.


Empower your team to disconnect from low-priority work obligations and relax. Get those "out of office" emails in place and don't let work stress ruin the holidays. Use the down time to mentally prepare for the new year. Your team cannot thrive if they are miserable or burnt-out, that's why you must exemplify rest and encourage it.

Now that you've finished reading this blog post, grab some hot chocolate and go cuddle up with your loved ones.


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