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Business & Mindset Coach - Debby Faleke
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Hi I'm Debby! I help working professionals build successful businesses while working full time through mindset development, strategic planning, and personal branding. 

What if I told you being good at your job is just not enough anymore?

Thanks to COVID-19, many realized that entrepreneurship was a necessity for financial flexibility. Some took the state of the world as an opportunity to finally break out and pursue passions that made them feel fulfilled.

I believe you have what it takes to monetize your skills, strengths, and expertise.


There’s an audience looking to hire someone with your capabilities. You might think you don’t know it all; yet there are tons of people looking to learn and understand the basics or fundamentals that you have already perfected.

"Regardless of whether you are product or service based, my customized framework and methodology forces you to get clarity, articulate your value, and monetize your expertise."

If you're looking for a coach who understands what your goals are and is passionate about your success, you're in the right place! Everyone's entrepreneurial journey is different and by working together I'll help you realize the capacity you have for the season that you are in. Starting a business doesn't have to be so complex.


Let me simplify the process for you. I'll guide you through the process of creating a business model that's realistic for your lifestyle and aligned with your personality - so you can show up authentically and confidently!


"In all seriousness there are millions of business consultants and entrepreneurial coaches that can give you the tools and materials necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. Deborah differs in the mindset she’s able to instill in people. I don’t know if anyone mentions it enough but having confidence and an overall strong psyche are essential in embarking on this journey."

- Ola


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